“During a Square Board meeting, our newest Director Howard Schultz, pulled me aside and asked a simple question. ‘Why do you all call your customers users?’ ‘I don’t know. We’ve always called them that.’”

Jack Dorsey: Let’s reconsider our “users” (via david)

Good article. I like to call them “community members,” because I think it more accurately reflects the stake they have in our service. They do not just show up, “use” or “buy” something and leave. They enter into a relationship with those of us who run the service and the other folks who use the service. We’re actually all community members in this scenario, we just have different roles within the community. In my mind, this is a more equitable framework and increases respect for everyone involved.

(via dalasverdugo)

I reiterate my commitment this year to simply say “people”. That’s what they are.

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